Divorce and Separation: Stopping the Negative Mental Loops


How can you stop the negative loops recalling what went wrong (and what was so right)? How do you stop trying to ‘fix’ it in your own mind?”


Divorce, heartache, grief and rebuilding your life – it’s all part of the healing journey everyone must travel when your relationship ends. The mind is a beautiful problem-solving tool. But when it comes to matters of the heart and relationship, our brain is often not well-equipped to help us heal.

Having those cyclical thoughts and questions of “What if….?” or questioning what might have turned out differently if you’d made different choices in the past is quite natural. It is simply the brain sifting, sorting and trying to find patterns and solutions from past experiences it has stored to find a way out of the situation you find yourself in. Sometimes you know your relationship is on the rocks, and sometimes you don’t. So our powerful brain is literally scanning its memory banks to find pieces of data that might help you to create a solution and get to the other side of your heartache.

But your power and choices lie in each present moment. The problem with unchecked cyclical thoughts is that they keep you replaying the past or projecting yourself into a fantasy future that is sheer speculation. The key to making empowering choices for yourself and navigating through your divorce is when you stay present, moment-to-moment.

If you find yourself caught in a mental spin cycle, a great way to break out of it is to write it all down. Use a journal to capture your thoughts and questions. This will assure your brain you’re doing something productive with all of its gyrations and help loosen the grip of these negative loops on your mind.

You can also set some boundaries around this kind of thinking. Give yourself a time limit of some kind to fully review the good, bad and ugly about your situation and how you got there and then once your timer goes off, stop. Break your physical and mental state by putting on some great tunes and dancing, or do some jumping jacks, and then undertake another kind of activity.

It’s also important to ask great questions. Setting your brain to the task of “How could I “fix” things?” assumes that something is broken that you are responsible for fixing. Redirect your powerful mind to answering the question “If this experience is part of my soul curriculum, what are the gifts in it for me and my personal evolution?” or “What can I learn from this that will serve me in all future relationships?”

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Divorce: Communicating with the Ex

Q. “I need help being able to communicate with my ex-spouse. Everything seems to get bogged down into arguments these days.”

A. Learning how to communicate effectively with an ex-spouse is one of the biggest hurdles there is out there. Clearly if you’re co-parenting your children, your ability to be able to work through the day-to-day decisions that come up affecting them is critical to your children having the ability to thrive after divorce. Learning how to establish a new kind of relationship with your ex is one of the divorce puzzle pieces I teach about in my award-winning product, The Divorce Resource Kit. From soup to nuts, with checklists and even a template for how to have an effective discussion with your ex, I highly recommend you check that resource out and save yourself heartache and time.

Allow me to share a few tips here. First, if you’re co-parenting you’ll need to set healthy boundaries. If you’re co-parenting with your ex, try to develop more of a business partner relationship with each other. Be willing to set healthy boundaries so you… Continue reading

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Holiday Survival Strategies Contest – Dec. 19 Deadline

Are you secretly dreading the holidays?

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