Finding The Courage to Be Brilliant

The unexpected curve balls that life throws our way are challenging. Common occurrences like losing your job, having your relationship breakdown, or coping with caring for aging parents force change upon you. Life’s curve balls tend to shake you up in order to wake you up. Learning to thrive and come out the other end of it better and wiser certainly requires a lot of courage. But sometimes courage can be hard to find.

We all have times when we wake up in the middle of the night in a state of panic and fear. I’m talking about those moments when you wake up like you’ve somehow defibrillated yourself awake. Your palms sweaty, it takes all your focus in order to take a single, deep belly breath to regain your center again. I’ve had more than a few mornings like that myself many times – when I decided to get divorced, when I decided to start my first business, when I decided to write a book, and so on.

This place of fear and contraction is simply part of the path those of us wanting to make a difference and unleash our full brilliance and potential walk. Whenever you step up to a new level of your brilliance, these “dark nights of the soul” come upon us. So the question is not whether these fear “pit stops” can be avoided, but how can you move through them quickly and masterfully when they do happen? Continue reading

It’s About Perspective: Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Doom and gloom continue to pervade the headlines. If it’s not the stock market, it’s a potential flu pandemic next. What will be tomorrow’s catastrophe? In the midst of any challenge, mastering your perspective is critical. Are you looking at the proverbial glass as being half full or half empty? How you view things creates a profound shift in how you respond and feel.

Wayne Dyer said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I had a great lesson in this recently from my own mother. She lives in Berlin, Germany. My mom was hospitalized a few weeks ago when her doctors recently discovered a small tumor that needed to be removed. Living a few thousand miles away from each other, waiting for her diagnosis, prognosis and the doctor’s treatment plan hasn’t been easy for any of us.

Yet in the midst of her medical journey, my mother has chosen to look for the positive, instead of the negative. Instead of focusing on her illness, …… Continue reading