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The Divorce 101 Show

Divorce 101 Show An award-winning podcast, hosted by Carolyn Ellis, Founder of Thrive after Divorce. Join Carolyn as she offers tips, strategies and resources to help separated and divorced individuals thrive after divorce.

The Thrive Movie
Feeling in need of some motivation? Watch this short 3-minute video that has inspired people from around the world. As one viewer said, "After a divorce and a break up of a relationship, I was feeling in the pity pot and how I felt about the other person. This movie helped me turn my thoughts around and put the focus back on myself. Thank you for the inspiring message! I will review it everyday so I don't get stuck in the m'ud." (HB, Chicago, IL) This is definitely one to share with your friends!

Best-selling author and transformational leader, Debbie Ford, has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, including mine! I am honored she offered to write the foreword to my book. Visit her site to learn about her life-changing Shadow Process, and the various teleclasses, online support and coaching training she offers.

Peak Potentials
The mission of Peak Potentials, founded by best-selling author T. Harv Eker, is to educate and inspire people to live in their Higher self based in courage, purpose and joy, versus fear, need and obligation. The vision I have created for Thrive after Divorce came from the extensive seminars and workshops I have taken with Peaks. Eker´s best-seller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, is a must-read for anyone interested in improving their financial blueprint.

Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative divorce is a trend that needs to catch on to help people resolve their divorces with dignity and respect intact. Collaborative lawyers partner with their clients, along with related professionals, to come to an agreement outside the courtroom. For more information and a listing of collaborative practitioners worldwide, check out this resource.

Mediate This!
Want an option to duking it out in court? Visit Mediate This and learn about how divorce mediation can help you create a peaceful divorce. A self-described former killer divorce attorney, Cynthia Tiano now promotes strategies to helping people settle their divorces peacefully, and less expensively.

Women, Money & Divorce
Regardless of the reasons, the situation, or your experience with legal or financial matters, if you’re contemplating or navigating divorce, you need to move ahead with clarity, compassion and confidence. Now is the time to make constructive and knowledgeable decisions about your money and your future. Through financial analysis and her own custom designed tools, Eva Sachs of Women in Divorce Financial, makes the financial aspects of divorce both understandable and bearable.

The Attorneys Forum - Legal help and Discussion Forums. Get free legal advice from Attorneys in your area. is your total online divorce resource for info and advice on divorce laws, child custody, alimony, support services and finding.

Helping Children Through Divorce- Garnet Mierau is the Divorce Ecologist and offers a father's unique perspective by linking nature's life cycles as metaphors for your own divorce journey. Garnet's message is heart and child-centred because he knows that it is every parents responsibility to protect their children from the pain of separation and divorce…and it starts with parents helping themselves first.