Break Free from 5 Common Money Mindset Traps

Many brilliant entrepreneurs live with an internal contradiction that if left unchecked can really hamper their success and impact in the world. It’s the conflict we feel about money.

On the one hand, heart-centered business owners are all about living their purpose, changing the world and leading people to live from an abundance paradigm. But on the other hand, many struggle with conflicting beliefs about money. Deep down in their core there is that old paradigm of scarcity and lack still running the show at an unconscious level. This can sabotage the greatest intentions and best efforts if they are not handled.

Your willingness to transform and transcend any old, dusty, limiting money stories is key to your success. The first step in any transformation is awareness.

Money Mindset Trap #1 – The Belief You’re Not Good Enough

Do you believe you’re good enough? Are you worthy of success, love and abundance? If you hesitated even one iota about answering “Yes!”, you must have taken out a membership in the “I’m not good enough” club. (Most people have too, so you’re not alone on this one!)

How does living with the belief that “I’m not good enough” impact your money? It makes it hard to charge what you’re worth. It’s difficult to really appreciate and stand in the value you offer. You might be reluctant to invest in yourself or enlist support, which in turn impacts your ability to grow your business. Learning to transcend this limiting belief will unlock all kinds of potential for you financially.

Money Mindset Trap #2 – Your Family’s Money Legacy

We don’t just inherit our family’s looks, genetics and traditions. We also inherit a legacy of how our family felt about money. The beliefs, habits, fears and doubts our family of origin had about money has an enormous impact on our own money story.

If you’re a parent yourself, you know that children often do what you do, not what you say. It is important to see with clear eyes some of the messages about money we absorbed growing up. With that awareness, we can then start to create a new family legacy about money for ourselves and our children.

Money Mindset Trap #3 – “But I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”

Another pitfall is the voice that tells you, “But I don’t wanna grow up!” Not knowing how much you spend, falling behind on bills, or being in denial about your debt are clues there’s a rebellious adolescent that would rather have a knight in shining armor come along instead.

Being willing to let our spiritual grown-up take the lead in the money department opens up new thoughts, choices and excitement about your level of abundance. It lets you step into a place of leadership and wisdom with you being a powerful steward and manifester of your abundance.

Money Mindset Trap #4 – Being Rich Isn’t Spiritual

A lot of heart-centered entrepreneurs struggle with a belief that it is not okay to be rich and spiritual. This was a tough one for me as well! We absorbed some money story along the way that to care about money is crass, or means we’re not spiritual enough. We create separation between financial abundance and our soul’s journey.

Yet everything is energy. Money is simply another form of energy. It’s actually an important vehicle that helps you make your life’s purpose a reality, rather than a pipe dream. Most importantly, who you become in the journey of opening to prosperity and abundance is exactly the kind of polishing and stretching we need to realize the greatest YOU that you can become.

Money Mindset Trap #5 – I Don’t Know How

With all of these various money mindset traps going off, it is easy to feel like you don’t know what you’re really doing. How to manifest money isn’t something that they taught you at school. Most people don’t innately have the tools, systems or structures to manage and manifest the kind of financial abundance they are capable of having. We let a perceived lack of skills and knowledge disempower us.

All it takes is the decision to stop letting a lack of knowledge be an excuse for not reaching your financial potential. Take even just one baby step to learning some of the basic skills and tools and notice how quickly you’ll feel aligned and open to financial abundance.

Manifestation Tips I Learned from My Dog

Manifesting and attaining your goals has become an increasingly popular pursuit. The movie, “The Secret,” jump-started the discussion of the law of attraction and manifestation in mainstream culture. People seek out seminars, workshops and gurus to help learn the secrets of manifestation so we can fulfill our heart’s desire.

My manifestation guru looks a little different than most. She has wavy golden locks, a shaggy beard, 3 inch eyelashes, four legs and speaks no English (or any human language). My guru’s name is Sandy and she is my labradoodle dog.

Sandy suffered a back injury, so I’m no longer bringing her favorite tennis ball with us to play fetch (which is her favorite activity in the world). However, I’ve watched her unfailingly manifest one tennis ball after another out of the thick, overgrown, ankle-high grass in our local school yard and the ravine! Something magical seems to be going on here given Sandy’s success at regularly finding what amounts to the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Here’s what I consider to be the keys to Sandy’s success…. Continue reading

Manifesting a Vegas Luxury Suite for $90

I recently attended David Neagle’s “Experience the Reality of Success” seminar in Las Vegas, which is a truly incredible event. It’s all about shifting your mindset and learning how to manifest. I even had the opportunity to meet with Ivanka Trump, who is a truly inspirational and savvy business woman!

I stayed at Caesar’s Palace in a lovely room for $180/night when I heard about an opportunity to get a room rate of only $90/night through I decided I want to be a good steward of my money and made the switch for the last night of my stay. It was a hassle checking out of one room, and checking into another, but…. check out this video to see what I ended up with! Apparently these suites typically go in the $1500/night range, but I got this one for only $90! It was a great reminder of what a strong intention to manifest abundance can create!

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In the second video, my friend and media and communications coach extraordinaire, Annetta Wilson, shares her reaction at my fantastic find. Enjoy!

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Feeding the Soul in LA

With the incredible Christine Kloser, celebrating the Freedom Formula Experience she created

With the incredible Christine Kloser, celebrating the Freedom Formula Experience she created

What an incredible time I had in Los Angeles at Christine Kloser’s Freedom Formula Experience. I spent 4 beautiful days with other entrepreneurs seeking to create businesses infused with soul that help make a difference in the lives of others.

A definite highlight was scooting off to an early service at the Agape Spiritual Center. It was only my second time there, and if you’re ever in LA on a Sunday morning you definitely should take advantage of it, regardless of your religious denomination or beliefs. There’s an expression of soul I find there that is unique, powerful and reminds me at the deepest level of the fundamental oneness that connects all human beings.

My friends and I were delighted to have the opportunity to meet with the amazing Reverend Michael Beckwith himself — and give that man a huge group hug!

Enjoying an incredible early am Agape service, and we were blown away by the inspiration and passion of Reverend Michael Beckwith (center). Here I am with some of my sisters,  (L-R) Debbie Phillips, Maria Gamb, Cynthia Ward, and Andrea Hylen

Enjoying an incredible early am Agape service, and we were blown away by the inspiration and passion of Reverend Michael Beckwith (center). Here I am with some of my sisters, (L-R) Debbie Phillips, Maria Gamb, Cynthia Ward, and Andrea Hylen

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Living with Uncertainty: 6 Principles to Guide You Through Fear

There’s a new flu bug this season and it’s called the “Fear of the Unknown.” It’s hard to get through the day without being exposed to negative media headlines and gloomy water cooler conversation. The changing times have unfortunately hit people in concrete terms, such as their jobs, their portfolio values or their homes. To those of us who’ve gone through the upheaval of divorce, this sense of uncertainty is familiar.

The way through these uncertain times is not to react out of our fears. Instead we need to reach inside to find a new level of wisdom and resilience that can guide us.  Some of the massive financial restructuring that is going on is because the foundations that were laid, on both Wall Street and Main Street, were not sound. The THRIVE Principles ™ can help… Continue reading

Thriving in Uncertain Times: Part 1

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Many of us are waking up with a pit of fear in the stomach. As a person who’s committed to growing in consciousness myself, I’ve noticed it’s been hard for me to maintain my own sense of emotional balance and spiritual center. With the news media flooded daily with unsettling news on so many fronts, it’s easy to… Continue reading

Divorce and the Law of Attraction: Part 3


Separation and divorce are two of the biggest rollercoaster rides you’ll ever find emotionally. The Law of Attraction can give you some traction so you can regain your footing and see your way forward in your divorce journey.

Review of Steps One and Two

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Power Within

Am I ever excited! I recently spent the day attending a Power Within conference in Toronto, which featured many teachers from The Secret movie.

Jack Canfield John AssarafLisa Nichols

Pictured Above: Jack Canfield signing my copy of his great Success Principles book. I’m looking a little star-struck there with John Assaraf. As you can see, Lisa Nichols is a beautiful woman and she connected powerfully with the crowd.

The line-up also included Bob Proctor and T. Harv Eker. Certainly the speakers themselves were inspirational and taught us… Continue reading