The Info Trap: Break Free by Taking Action

“My name is Carolyn, and I am an information addict.” I don’t know if there are 12-step programs out there for info-aholics yet, but it might be a good idea for someone to start one! In all seriousness, I love learning new ideas about all kinds of topics. When I went through my separation years ago, I probably owned at least half of the self-help section in my own personal library! From the conversations I have with others, I know I am not alone in this situation.

Beware of falling into the information trap! There are such vast amounts of information available to us nowadays – in books, in trusted friends, in community groups, and, of course, online. Yet one of the biggest mistakes Continue reading

The Deeper YOU Go, The More You’ll See Go


People never run out of resources, only resourcefulness. There are deep reservoirs of strength in each of us that are never tapped into.” ~David Neagle

I’m now about two weeks out from my last Experience the Reality of Success seminar and everyday we are hearing about the profound changes people are making because of the time we spent together.

After each one of my live coaching events, one of the biggest shifts people make is in realizing how many toxic relationships they have allowed to remain in their lives. The truth is, that over time your environment (and the people in it) will always influence your behavior (and consequently, your results!), so it’s very important to keep it as clear of these non-supportive influences as possible.

However, clearly there must be a baseline against which you evaluate these relationships (or any other relationships).

The baseline that I use is purpose. Not just any purpose, but my Divine Purpose. Does this relationship support me in the fulfillment of my Divine Purpose in this life, or …… Continue reading

Distraction and Overwhelm: Tips for Finding Balance

Living in a perpetual state of overwhelm can’t be healthy for you. Adrenalin flows, respiration gets more shallow and blood pressure starts to climb. It doesn’t sound like recipe for thriving, yet for so many of us it’s become a typical daily pattern.

We are bombarded by so many things that grab our attention and focus these days it’s hard to think straight at time – advertising, TV, the internet, email, cell phones, Blackberrys, text messaging, instant messaging, to name but a few. Apparently we receive more mental stimulation and demands for our attention in a single day, than our great-grandparents had …… Continue reading

Energy Management: Tackle Your Clutter

Everything is energy. The biggest energy crisis I think we face as a society right now is how we maintain, or sabotage, our personal level of energy and vitality. Managing our physical, social and emotional environments has an enormous impact on our state of mind.

Clutter is an insidious form of self-sabotage. Viewed on spiritual level, how we organize and manage our space is an external indication of … Continue reading

Are you warm enough yet?

Is anyone out there NOT concerned about global warming at this point? Today the white stuff finally hit the roads in Toronto! It was a morning of traffic chaos, fender benders and delays. To be honest, I felt relief and gratitude! At long last, some semblance of winter here in my home town.

Can we all agree now that global warming is a reality? The knowledge that our climate is rapidly and radically… Continue reading