Carolyn’s Story

CBEllis“How I Went from Devastated Single Mom to a Thriving Business Owner Fulfilling Her Life’s Mission…”

When I wake up each morning, I feel truly blessed to be alive. My daily personal mission is to stretch myself in some way to learn something new and to contribute in some way to making the world a better place.

I write articles weekly that offer tips and strategies to people from around the world to thrive in their life, both personally and professionally. I have the opportunity to teach and coach people looking to achieve greater success and fulfillment.

I have a wonderful relationship with my three incredible children, who have been the most profound teachers for me.

Of course, it isn’t always a bed of roses. I have my moments of doubt and fear, but I have learned the tools that I can apply with confidence to help me break out of my comfort zone. I feel the fulfillment that comes with creating a life and business that reflects what I feel my life’s purpose truly is – to empower others to see and express their highest potential.

“But it wasn’t always this way….”

Over 10 years ago I felt like I was staring into a dark abyss. To the outside world my life looked pretty great – married to my high school sweetheart, a successful career in fundraising for a prestigious independent school, and three amazing young children.

But what I came to realize was that my marriage was crumbling. I can still remember that pit in my stomach as we sat down to tell our 3 young children that mommy and daddy were going to get a divorce.

I wondered if my heart would ever heal. I wanted to know if and when my life would ever get back to “normal.”

One day early in my separation, my young son came to ask me for some help and in my heartache and stress, I yelled at him. Seeing the pain and shock in his eye woke me up.

In that moment I made a decision that I would do whatever it took to heal my heart. I would dig into the pain and mystery of this maze called “getting divorced” and find my way through it.

I vowed I would use this experience not as a ending point in my life, but as a critical turning point that would help me find my purpose, my worth and my calling.

The decision I made to do what it takes to thrive, and not just survive my divorce, as been a guiding principle for me ever since.

I dedicated myself to intensive and thorough personal leadership and transformation studies. I trained with some of the world’s foremost transformational teachers, and became the first Canadian to be certified as a Spiritual Divorce Coach from the Institute of Integrative Coaching in California.

Frustrated by having to comb through the parenting, divorce, psychology and communications literature to find out how I could parent my children successfully and mitigate the impact of divorce on them, I decided to write my own book.

In 2007, The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting: What to Avoid To Help Your Children Thrive After Divorce was published and became an Amazon best-seller and won several awards from USA Book News.

In 2009 I published the award-winning Divorce Resource Kit which is a unique and powerful home study course that offers solutions, tips and resources that answer address how you can put your life back together after divorce easily and quickly.

I’ve taught, coached and supported hundreds of clients from around the globe to heal their hearts and thrive in their lives. In 2010 my vision expanded beyond divorce and separation. I founded and specialize in empowering women entrepreneurs to create profitable businesses that express their life purpose and passions. I became a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul ™ coach and a Money Breakthrough Method ™ coach and offer workshops, trainings and coaching programs specifically for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

“My divorce launched me on a journey that helped me discover the woman that I was meant to become…”

Looking back on it all now, I see that my divorce was indeed a turning point. I do feel grateful for it now, because it launched me on a journey to discover the woman that I was truly meant to become.

In my work today through my businesses, I am committed to passing on the wisdom I have learned to others. I work with some amazing and inspiring clients. I feel blessed and honored to be with them on their path.

“If you’re ready to learn how to transform your divorce challenge into a life-transforming opportunity, this is for you…”

If you’re ready to stop just surviving and start THRIVING, I would be delighted to support you!
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