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Every issue of the Thrive After Divorce ezine contains a feature article that gives success strategies, tips and insight on the key issues facing separated and divorced individuals. Below are some of our most recent articles. To read the entire article, simply click the read more link.

Relationship Breakup - Flowing with Your Feelings: Part 1
River"Let's be honest. I believe separation, divorce, and relationship break-ups always have a gift to offer us, but the initial breakup period sucks. For most of us, when we’re in relationship, it feels like we’re on solid ground. It may feel comfortable and soft to walk on, or it may be rocky and painful, but at least you know where you stand. Recently a relationship with a man I loved ended. It was his call, not mine. To our credit, it ended with love and respect. Yes, we had felt some pebbles showing up on our path together. But his decision to end the relationship knocked me off my feet and into the void... "
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Men and Depression, Post Divorce
Father and Child"A new study by Statistics Canada shows that men are more likely to suffer depression than women in the two years after a marriage or common-law relationship breaks up. The longitudinal data from the National Population Health Survey showed that men, aged 20-64, were 6 times more likely to report an episode of depression than men who were still married. Compare that to women, aged 20-64, who were only 3.5 times more likely to report depression than women who were married. It seems that being the strong, silent type..."
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Self-Care: Stop Going for the Martyr Medal
Medal"Divorce is one of the most emotionally demanding life transitions you’ll ever encounter. One big pitfall is what I call "going for the martyr medal." You get so preoccupied and consumed with making sure everyone else is taken care of first, that your own needs fall by the wayside. Single parents are often strong contenders for the martyr medal, but divorcees without children can also fall prey to this common mistake..."
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Unplugging From Your Ex-Spouse
Unplugging"Have you ever been emotionally triggered and hijacked by something your ex said or did? Have you ever been emotionally triggered and hijacked by something your ex didn't say or do? When you're "plugged in" to the actions of someone else, you typically have a strong emotional reaction. You know that you are right and the other person is wrong. When emotions run high, intelligence tends to run low. When that happens it's hard to make good decisions or relate and communicate well with others..."
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