Your Trusted Advisors: 5 Criteria To Build The Right Team

The road to success is never one we travel completely alone. Behind every success, there is typically a team of trusted advisors and supporters behind us. These special people cheer us on and help us keep our focus. They warn us of potholes we may not see clearly and point out opportunities we might be missing.

When you are in the midst of a challenge, or striking out in a new direction, your support system is critical to your success. It is extremely important that you have the right constellation of trusted advisors. There’s nothing like discovering a dream-stealer or energy vampire among your inner circle of supporters to derail you and send you off into a spiral of self-doubt or fear.

I am blessed to have a circle of trusted advisors who I can call any time of day or night to support me. Some I have known for a few years. Others have known me my entire lifetime (thanks Mom and Dad!). At times I’ve had to let a few people go who, despite how much I loved them, simply weren’t a good fit for my trusted advisor team.

Who are your trusted advisors and can you truly count on them? It may be time to do some spring cleaning and recruiting. Here are some key criteria you can use to help you create your team of support…..
1. Committed to Listening not Fixing

A great trusted advisor is someone whose greatest service to you is often just listening to you with compassion and an open heart. They let you work through your thoughts and options, holding a space for your own inner wisdom to kick in to guide you. People who are interested in “fixing” you or using your issues as a jumping off point to talk about their own instead are not great choices for this important role.

2. Always Holds the Highest

A trusted advisor always sees the forest for the trees. They see what is possible for you from the highest level. They don’t get sucked down into the fears or doubts that have you question yourself and your worth. They speak to your Highest Self and see your greatness always. They don’t get sidetracked debating with your limited ego self that wants to keep you playing small in life.

3. Tells the Truth

Your trusted advisor is willing to tell you the truth, even when it might be tough to hear. Some people think agreeing with you about everything is a sign of love, which is a sweet idea but it won’t help you move forward. A trusted advisor calls you on your stuff.

4. Makes You Laugh

When you feel caught in the grips of contraction and doubt, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by doom and gloom. A great trusted advisor can help you see where your limiting beliefs are actually ridiculous and laughable. Your advisor understands the transformative and healing power of a good sense of humor to help you regain perspective and balance.

5. Walks the Talk

A key quality of your trusted advisor is integrity. They are as committed to offering their gifts and raising their vibration as you are. Your trusted advisor is willing to take responsibility for their own reality, keep an open mind and take inspired action. Their commitment to “walk the talk” gives them credibility and makes them an energetic match to you.

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One thought on “Your Trusted Advisors: 5 Criteria To Build The Right Team

  1. this is what I so love about women: they’re so much more attuned to true networking/emotional support than are us guys….esp upon something as emotionally debilitating as a separation/breakup/divorce….most of my buds are in toronto…have to get start building my support network better…but it takes time: esp when you hit your 40s as I am in vs those friendships you grew up with in school or college/university that are so much deeper…OR you get them via support groups…seeking such now here in vancouver bc, but it’s tough.