The Deeper YOU Go, The More You’ll See Go


People never run out of resources, only resourcefulness. There are deep reservoirs of strength in each of us that are never tapped into.” ~David Neagle

I’m now about two weeks out from my last Experience the Reality of Success seminar and everyday we are hearing about the profound changes people are making because of the time we spent together.

After each one of my live coaching events, one of the biggest shifts people make is in realizing how many toxic relationships they have allowed to remain in their lives. The truth is, that over time your environment (and the people in it) will always influence your behavior (and consequently, your results!), so it’s very important to keep it as clear of these non-supportive influences as possible.

However, clearly there must be a baseline against which you evaluate these relationships (or any other relationships).

The baseline that I use is purpose. Not just any purpose, but my Divine Purpose. Does this relationship support me in the fulfillment of my Divine Purpose in this life, or ……
does it not?

This question works perfectly, because any and all decisions should be made with the commitment to our Divine Purpose in mind. Realizing and expressing your Divine Purpose in life is the only reason you are here and nothing else in your life compares to the importance of fulfilling that purpose. Once we surrender to it, and make all decisions small and large in accordance with it, our decisions not only benefit our own lives, but they benefit all life as a whole.


Because when we conduct our lives according to our Divine Purpose ~ no matter how scary or painful ~ we align ourselves with the nature and Modus Operendi of Spirit: “More life to all, and less to none.”

Each one of us has the ability to make this shift… and we either accept that we are a part of something much more significant than our menial, daily frustrations, or we don’t… but there is no in-between.

Once we understand that our only true path is in the fulfillment of our purpose, it becomes our responsibility to clear our environment of any toxic situations or relationships that impede this shift. This is the hardest piece for my students, because they hadn’t realized how addicted to their relationships they truly are.

I’m not talking just about marriages – although it exists there – but I’m addressing friendships and business relationships also. We fill our daily lives with drama, which results in situations and circumstances that seem impossible to deal with.

Anything you are having trouble “figuring out” simply means you are bringing non-truths to your questions.

Life is pretty simple when we deal with the truth, instead of made up stories that serve as protectors of our delusions. Rather than freedom, we choose instead to hide our pain, protecting it to our death, rarely confronting it head on and removing it from our lives.

But you can have freedom.

And that wonderful life starts with your decision to make your relationship with your Divine Purpose the most sacred relationship in your life.

Today I’d like to provide you with 3 steps to assist you in evaluating the situations and relationships in your life and stepping further into the fulfillment of your Divine Purpose:

1. Know your purpose: This is in relation to WHO you are here to BE in this life – not WHAT you’re here to DO)

2. Ask: Is the situation or relationship in harmony with the embodiment of your highest self?

3. Remove or change anything that is not in alignment with the fulfillment of your purpose, and lovingly embrace that which is.

As the famous quote in “The Shawshank Redemption” said, “Get busy living or get busy dying.

I believe God wants you to enjoy your life… to feel embraced, supported and empowered at all times… don’t you?

“Just Believe”

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